iPhone Background - Work Like a Boss















Sometimes we all need a little reminder to keep going, push through and work like a boss to achieve our goals… even if we’re not the boss yet. I know that I sure do. That’s why this month, I’ve created the “work like a boss” to empower, motivate and encourage. Download my new “work like a boss” iPhone background to remind you every time you hit the power button on your phone to stay motivated. I chose the dark, neutral grey tones, because they felt edgy and strong. Want a different color? Comment below! If there is enough interest for colored varieties, I’ll add more to the collection.

Want your own?

Grab the background here. In order to set it as your iPhone background, simply click the link using your phone, press and hold on the image on your screen, select ‘save as image’. Once the image is in your photo album, click the share button (the bottom left icon that looks like a rectangle and arrow). Choose ‘use as wallpaper’, press ‘set’, and decide between ‘set as lock screen’, ‘set as home screen’, and ‘set as both’.

If you decide to use it, I’d love to see. Tag me in your social media posts or simply leave a comment below. Also, make sure to subscribe to the Ali in Bloom monthly newsletters in order to get “email exclusive” content and updates about the blog’s latest postings. Sign up on the right!