Door County, WI

If we’re being honest, working from home has not been what I thought it would be. It’s a huge adjustment! With that being said, my mom and I decided we needed to get away for a long weekend. This past weekend we drove up to Door County (you can check out our trip from last year here). It was a quick trip, but I swear, it was just what the doctor ordered. My mom and I had so much quality time together, and there was never a dull moment. Even though we were returning to the same place, we explored and did different things than we did the time before. Because how could you ever see a whole county in just one weekend?

Wilson's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor in Ephraim | Door County, WI

In case you missed it, last year we stayed at The Inn on Pioneer Lane in Ephraim. We decided to return there this year because we loved it so much. Right down the road from the inn is Wilson’s, which we quickly learned is iconic. How we didn’t go there once last year, I don’t know, because on our short return back we went twice! The best part about Wilson’s is definitely the old-school atmosphere. Of course, the view of the water is second but nothing really compares to the vibe this place gives off. When we went late Saturday night, we could hardly squeeze through the door and had to take a number. The workers were cheerful and energetic even with the place packed wall to wall.

Wilson’s is technically a restaurant and ice cream parlor, but both times we went, it was only for the ice cream. I had an ice cream called “peanut butter explosion” the first time around; it was so rich and creamy, I almost couldn’t finish it, but it was so good that I had to. The second time around I had plain ole cookie dough because I couldn’t handle another rich dessert. Both were great choices. If you’re in the area, you definitely have to stop at Wilson’s.

Door County, WI

The weather while we were up north was so perfect. My eyes being closed in this picture was a complete accident, but I realized that this photo actually pretty accurately captures how I felt spending the day hiking and biking through Peninsula State Park. In some ways, I’m such a girly girl; I love shopping, painting my nails, blogging, going to wine and paint classes and playing with makeup, but I’m obsessed with hiking and biking and camping and kayaking. I’m learning that it is completely possible to be a girly, outdoorsy girl. There is no where else I feel more relaxed than outside on a bright, sunny day.

Peninsula State Park | Eagle Bluff Lighthouse | Door County, WI

The Peninsula State Park is beautiful on the inside. I can now also say that it is beautiful from the outside too. Mom and I splurged this weekend by booking a Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tour. The company regularly offers tours of Peninsula State Park & Ephraim, Millionaire’s Row & the West Islands or a sunset cruise with live music called the Sunset Live Music & Egg Harbor South Cruise. On the day we decided to take a tour, the routes were altered, so we ended up seeing a combination of Peninsula State Park and Millionaire’s Row and the West Islands. I thought my favorite part of the tour would be Millionaire’s Row (because who doesn’t want to see a bunch of fancy houses?), but it turns out my favorite part was seeing the Strawberry Islands. The island chain has four islands- Adventure Island, Jack Island, Pirate Island and Little Strawberry Island, which are all privately owned.

Strawberry Islands | Door County, WI

Each island was so different and so interesting in its own way. This island pictured above was interesting to see because it was being overrun with seagulls. See all of the black specks in the sky that almost just look like dirt on your computer screen? All of the little dots on the top of the roof? The white speckles in the water and on the ground? They’re all seagulls. The family that owns the island only uses it as a vacation home; they weren’t there when we were taking the scenic boat tour, so these guys were making it their own home! Can you imagine having to clean up all of the droppings these birds leave behind? I’ve never seen that many seagulls in on place. It sure was a sight to see!

After we made it through the Strawberry Islands, we cruised down Millionaire’s Row, which turned out to be less extravagant than I thought. Many of the homes look just like your average home- with a few exceptions, of course- because the land itself is such a prime spot, and there isn’t much room to build!

Door County, WI

I actually have a big fear of boats and the open water, but I’ve been getting out on the water a lot lately and each time I enjoy it so much. I even tried kayaking for the first time this past week. I think it’s okay to have fears, but I’ve always told myself that whatever I do, I don’t want my fears to get in the way of living my life and experience everything this great, wide world has to offer. I still don’t ever see myself going on a cruise in the future, but it feels satisfying to know that I can do little trips like this.

Sunset Beach Park in Fish Creek | Summer 2016 Door County, WI

One thing is for certain, the water sure doesn’t seem so scary when I look at this sunset. It looks warm, serene and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s views like this that sometimes make me think I never want to leave Door County.

Working from home hasn’t been everything I expected it to be. It can get lonely. It can be hard to keep myself motivated when I am feeling down and there is no one else around to bring me back to my peppy, cheerful, go-getter self. But this weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Spending some quality time with my mom and a whole lot of time outdoors reignited my passion and excitement about what I do and where I’m going.

Door County is beautiful and I had the perfect vacation; now it’s time to get back to writing and tackling this crazy thing we call blogging. Until next time, Door County!

Have you ever been to Door County, WI? Where is the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen? What’s your favorite vacation spot? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you are heading to Door County soon, be sure to connect with me on social media! I’d love to give you my restaurant and attraction recommendations or chitchat about your visit.

PS. If you are looking for the perfect sunset in Door County, the picture was taken at Sunset Beach in Fish Creek.


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    This is absolutely stunning! I love visiting the big cities, but I think I like visiting the small towns just as much. There is something so peaceful and refreshing about getting away to some place like this. Lovely!

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