Summer Essentials 2016

If you’ve been around long enough, you know a few things about me: I’m forever in love with summer and obsessed with pink. If you haven’t been around long, you probably still figured it out pretty quick. The official first day of summer is June 20, but school is out, the weather is warm and I just got back from vacation (come back soon for my vacation recap), so to me it’s already summer. Because I’m already in the summer mood and in honor of the official first day of summer coming up, I compiled a list of my favorite essentials for Summer 2016. I mean, you have to have time to prep, right? So the earlier the better, I guess! Here are my must-haves this summer:

Textured Summer Straw Hat – I tried on this hat when I was at J.Crew over the weekend, and it was adorable. If you are looking for a super floppy hat, this summer hat isn’t for you. It has a shorter brim than the traditional “floppy hat” and well, just doesn’t really flop that much. It looks more formal and elegant than its casual counterpart.

J.Crew Beaded Tassel Earrings – Summer can get hot… Duh, right? But when it’s 95 degrees out, I don’t like wearing anything that clings to my body or is too heavy. So, instead of wearing a chunky statement necklace, in the summer I like to trade my necklace in for a pair of bold statement earrings like these beaded tassel earrings from J.Crew. With earrings, you won’t feel weighted down or have heavy jewelry sticking to your chest or wrists when it’s hot and humid outside.

Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 6/6s Cover – Under My Umbrella – I currently have a black and gold Kate Spade case on my phone that I’ve been obsessed with ever since I bought it with my iPhone, but it’s no longer right for the season. I swear, my phone case has the power to change my mood, and a black and gold case is not putting me in the summer mood! It’s time to switch it out for bright colors and a bold print.

Winthome Mandala Round Beach Towel with Tassels – Round beach towels in my style are hard to come by. I was lucky to have stumbled upon this one on Amazon. It’s pastel, floral and has tassels- three of my favorite things. Want something a little edgier and less girly? Check out my second favorite round beach towel from Kind & Good!

Lilly Pulitzer Big Flirt Tumbler with Straw – I shared this tumbler in my last post, but it honestly is so essential in my life. If you’ve hung out with me in the real world, you know I drink large amounts of water (or as Katie would say, “I drink more water than a racehorse”). I’m constantly carrying around a water bottle. It is safe to say my tumbler has become an accessory.

Essie Blanc and Essie Muchi, Muchi Nail Polish – I have bought Muchi, Muchi by Essie three times now, so there is no way it wasn’t going to make it onto my list of summer essentials 2016. On the other hand, I bought Essie Blanc for the first time this year, but I know that I will definitely be buying this one again. It’s bright white, so it may seem a little boring in the bottle, but on your nails the color turns into a bold statement for the summer.

Ray-Ban ‘Highstreet’ 49mm Sunglasses – Dark Havana – Circle glasses seem to be making a comeback, and although I could never pull off such a unique frame, I have been obsessing over rounded frames this summer. The ‘Highstreet’ Ray-Ban sunglasses are a good compromise. They are rounded but still have a frame that adds interest and takes away from the harshness of circular lenses.

Triangl Gigi in Strawberry Shortcake – I used to be strongly opposed to triangle bikini tops (as in the shape- not the similarly named brand). I felt they were never flattering; my chest just looked so funny in them! The problem was the thin material and lack of support. Since I first started disliking triangle string bikinis, I’ve found better options. Like the Gigi bikini in Strawberry Shortcake from Triangl and this triangle top from PINK that I purchased earlier this year.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer – I’ve talked about Jergens Natural Glow on Youtube before. If you’re trying to get a healthy tan before stepping out in your itsy bitsy bikini, I recommend Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer over anything else- even a spray tan. I’ve struggled to find the best tanning solution for myself in the past. I will not do tanning beds, and I have had a few too many failed spray tan attempts. The best spray tan I’ve ever had was when it was done by a professional- not in a booth, but those are also more expensive. Jergens gives me a great tan- just like my best spray tan experience, and it is way cheaper. Another pro is that you can control how dark you want your tan to be. Too light? Apply again. Too dark? Skip a day. The choice is yours.

Rachel Rachel Roy Off-The-Shoulder Flutter-Sleeve Crop Top – To be honest, I don’t have a particular reason for this top to make my list of summer essentials other than it’s flouncy, white and off-the-shoulder (three of my favorite things). The crop top just screams summer to me; you’ll feel like you should be walking down the streets of the Greek Isles in this one.

Jack Rogers Lauren Double-Strap Sandal – These are my favorite pair of Jack Rogers. I normally try to find good deals for you guys, and unfortunately I didn’t with these ones. I think they’re worth it at the full price though. If you are looking for a steal, check out this pair.

I want to know: What are your summer essentials this year? What is your favorite trend for Summer 2016? Let me know in the comments below!


  • I have the EXACT same J.Crew earrings! They are so fun and cute! I also love how they aren’t super heavy! Great post :)

  • Ali Lowery

    I couldn’t agree more! I can’t even wear super heavy earrings. They bother me too much :)