Sometimes stress gets the best of us. When stress is too much to handle, there are 5 simple things to do to help you get by and get your happiness back.

There is a fine line between pleasantly busy and overwhelmingly busy, and the consequences of crossing that line can be tough. Stress is not an easy emotion to manage, but with your own mentality and simple actions, there are easy ways to get through it.


If you don’t work out, meditate or start. Working out not only keeps you happier, it helps keep you focused and energized. I’m a firm believer that working out can improve every aspect of your life, and I know I’m not the only one. If you’re feeling stressed, sweat it out.

Change your mentality.

 Often when people are feeling intense amounts of stress, they think it will all be over in a few weeks. Don’t focus on this. Yes, it is a nice thought, but it doesn’t promote stress management. What is the solution when you decide college is too stressful? It’s not so easy to think that in four years, your stress will be gone. Four years is a long time to just be wishing away. Use mental images and positive emotions to find the good in your life now outside of the stress. Keep a list of the happy things in your life to review when you are going through a tough time; make time to squeeze those things in.

Think less. Do More.

It causes more stress to lay in bed and worry about everything you have to do instead of just doing it even when that seems like the easiest option at the time. Make a quick, organized to-do list and start. Efficiency is key.


Tell someone close to you about how you are feeling. They can keep you on track and give you a fresh perspective. Things may not even be as bad as they seem.

Remember why you started and just breathe.

If you’re doing the right things, you’ll have this motivation to keep you going. There’s a reason you’re at school, a reason why you took the job, or signed up for all of the extracurricular activities. If there isn’t, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s important to understand that it’s okay to say no. Everyone has their limits, and that is understandable, but for now, remember why you started and just breathe.

How do you manage your stress?


  • This is beyond relevant for me today! I agree that being overwhelmed is bad and saying no to things is sometimes as must, but I can hardly help myself from taking on more and more. Thanks for the tips!

    Alyssa J Freitas

  • Ali Lowery

    Oh no! I hope things calm down for you, Alyssa. I feel like I’m the same way. I just WANT to be able to do everything.

  • Coffee Beans High Heels

    Thank you for sharing this. I been stressed lately and i should do some of this things, starting with working out.

  • Ali Lowery

    Orly, working out is such a great stress reliever, and unfortunately, it’s never the first things that comes to my mind when I feel that way. It’s so worth it to just motivate yourself to go! I hope you are feeling better by now :)