Spring 2016 Weekend CasualSpring 2016 Weekend CasualSpring 2016 Weekend CasualSpring 2016 Weekend CasualSpring 2016 Weekend CasualSpring 2016 Weekend Casual

Outback Red button down (Similar) | Necklace (Similar) | American Eagle Jeans (Similar) | J. Crew Factory Sunglasses (Similar) | Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jakayla Boots in Cognac (Sold Out) | The Limited Bag (Similar) | OPI’s Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

It may not be spring yet officially, but here in Illinois the weather is doing crazy things; on the weekends it warms up into the 60s, and during the week it drops back down into the 30s and sometimes even decides to snow. I’m hoping it’s the last of this crazy pattern and the warm weather is here to stay.

This past weekend I turned 21, which called for a fun-filled weekend. I got to visit with my mom for a day, and Ty also came to visit! On Sunday I wore one of my favorite casual spring outfits: my Outback Red button down, distressed jeans and Ralph Lauren riding boots. I guess this outfit is such a staple in my closet that I didn’t realize that not a single item from this outfit is still available for purchase. To make up for it, I’ve linked similar pieces that I’ve found online for you, so you at least have some options to look at.

These Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jakayla Boots in cognac are my absolute favorite (can’t you tell from the heel?). I actually like that my picture (taken by the awesome Ty) captures the wear on my boots. I’ve been reading a lot of posts and comments lately about bloggers staying real and authentic on our blogs and social media. Well here it is! My untouched boots are worn and scuffed. I could have easily avoided posting a picture of the back of my boots, but the back is the best part. The detailing it beautiful, and honestly, this picture is the reality of what happens when you love a pair of boots so much, you wear them almost every day for an entire season. When the warm weather is here to stay, I’ll be putting my boots away to preserve them the best that I can, so I can still wear them come fall of 2016.

Another tiny detail of this outfit that I love is my lighthouse bracelet. If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you might have seen the picture I posted when my mom first bought the bracelet for me in Door County, WI. As I mentioned in my Instagram post, the packaging had the most inspiring quote on it: “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” To me, this bracelet is a symbol of guidance, stability and hope. It also, of course, is a reminder of the amazing vacation and fond memories I have from Door County.

Then, what can I say, I love the sunglasses, blouse, jeans, necklace and bag. I told you, this outfit is a staple in my closet. Obviously I love it!

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I want to know: has your weather been doing crazy things? What is your spring staple? Let me know down below in the comments.