Hello! Guess what? I am officially blogging from the comfort of my own couch… I’m home for the summer! The combination of rainy weather here in the midwest and spending time in front of the TV with my mom inspired to share a post that I wrote some time ago… Here it is:So, the story starts off with my mom on a mission to find salted caramel milk chocolate truffles, but the next thing I know, there are Sally’s Baking Addiction’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies sitting on the counter and no truffles in sight… I suppose she thought that these would be a worthy substitute, and that they were. I did not complain.

These cookies are amazing. Far away, they look just like regular chocolate chip cookies. Close up, you’ll be surprised to find salt sprinkled on top… and oh, when you bite in, you get the delicious caramel flavor of a Rolo.

I ate one of these straight out of the oven, the day after, and after being frozen from sitting in the car for hours. No matter what, these cookies rock. I’ll never make regular chocolate chip cookies ever again (that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea)! You can bet that this recipe has been added to my book.

^^ Don’t these just look incredibly delicious? Check out the recipe here! Sally’s professional pictures look even better.

Next on my list of Sally’s recipes to try:

I’m so eager to go back and try some more recipes off of this wonderful blog. All of Sally’s pictures look amazing, and you can just tell that she is an amazingly talented baker/ photographer/ blogger/ woman.

I have absolutely no idea how my mom stumbled upon her blog, but I am so glad that she did. I never would have found it otherwise.

Happy Baking & Happy Summer!