Call me crazy but I love buying anything organization related (files, planners, folders, drawers, etc), so the beginning of the year is such a fun time for me. Last year I wrote a post about my planner¬†from May Designs, and I loved the customized cover (they have a new watercolor collection that you’ll want to drool over) and the feel of the cover paper, but as the year went on, and I removed and replaced the book from my backpack multiple times a day, the design started to wear off, which resulted in splotchy white spots. I decided that at this point in my life, I am just too rough on my planner to use such a delicate one, so this year I was on the search for my perfect planner again.

Through browsing on Etsy, I found Plum Paper. Initially, I was turned off by the 30 dollar price tag and 10 dollar shipping, but as I searched more, I realized what a great option it really was, so I revisited it again and again until I finally decided to purchase. One of the best things about Plum Paper is that you are able to customize the pages. You have four options:

1. Days divided by morning, afternoon, and evening
2. Days separated by 30 minute increments
3. Days with blank lines
4. No weekly spreads

I chose the days divided every 30 minutes option, and I am extremely pleased with it. When I have a lot of classes/ meetings that I have to remember, I have a nice system to write them all out, and on easier days where I just have a lot to do, I can also just fill in the times with my to-do list!

The other big feature that intrigued me about Plum Paper is that they have a sturdy wire coil and a strong plastic cover to protect the decorative front. Thanks to these key features, my notebook still looks brand new!

As for what’s inside the planner, I’ve been spending these first few weeks of school busier than ever. I endured work week and sorority recruitment as well as the new addition of homework in my life. For excitement, I joined The Daily Illini and Her Campus Illinois as a copy editor! I think it’s going to be a good year.

How do you stay organized? What planner do you use?