Easy and Effective Daily Skin Care Routine & Acne Fighting Regimen. Complete list of products and directions to fight acne.

In high school when the majority of my classmates started to complain about breakouts and acne, I had nothing to complain about. Acne was something I hadn’t fully experienced until I got to college. Then I was forced to come up with a solution ASAP. It took some trial and error, but I finally found what worked for me, and that’s the thing- acne isn’t universal. It can’t be treated the same way for everyone, but in the hopes of helping at least one person, I’m sharing my daily skin care routine and my favorite acne fighting products.

Nighttime Routine

Before bed I wipe off the majority of my makeup with water and a clean wash cloth- emphasis on clean. Once I use a wash cloth, I won’t reuse it. I don’t like the thought of “cleaning” my face with yesterday’s makeup and bacteria.

After I’ve taken off the majority of my makeup, I use Glycolix Elite Gly-Sal 2-2 Acne Medicated Cleanser to thoroughly cleanse my skin. I think this is the key step in my acne fighting routine. I’ve found that this medicated cleanser is highly effective. It also can be extremely drying if you don’t rinse it completely off, so make sure you’re cautious of that. Even if you completely wash it off, it can still leave your skin feeling tight.

If this happens, I use Theraplex Hydrolotion, which is a great, non-sticky, non-fragrant facial lotion. My favorite part about this product is just how lightweight it really feels. I don’t feel guilty about putting in on my face- like it’s clogging the pores I just worked so hard to keep clean!

If I happen to have a stubborn pimple or random outbreak at night, I use a face mask- specifically the GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment. I personally leave it on overnight when I’m doing a spot treatment. I don’t leave it on my whole face overnight because that would itch like crazy! I already have to make sure I apply the mud on my trouble spot right before I fall asleep to avoid frustrating itchiness, but I swear by leaving it on while you sleep. I find way better results this way.

If I don’t have any skin problems, I generally treat myself to this mask once a week. I know so many people are talking about GlamGlow. Some people have great things to say- some not so much. I have to admit that when I first tried this product, I wasn’t immediately sold. Then after a while, I realized why. GlamGlow has been incredibly hyped up, and when I first purchased it online, that was all I had heard about it. I read the celebrity testimonials, gauked at how many lists and magazines it had been featured in. It had been proclaimed the “miracle treatment.” My expectations were out of this world. 

Now, taking an objective, realistic stand point, I can appreciate everything that GlamGlow really does do well. It minimizes my pores, smooths out my skin and reduces swelling in my acne. Not to mention it does all three well.

Morning Routine

Taking care of my skin in the morning begins with showering! I rinse off my mask if I wore it the night before. Occasionally, I will also use the Glycolix Acne Cleanser again in the morning if I feel the need to. According to the bottle, you can use it one to three times daily, although I have never used it three times in one day. Then I moisturize if I didn’t the night before! My morning routine is highly dependent on how the night before went.

One thing I try to do every morning is tweeze my eyebrows. If I wait until they’re desperately in need of tweezing, the skin around my eyebrows will get irritated and begin to break out. I’ve found that doing a little every morning helps maintain the perfect look and also prevents irritation and break outs.

After I tweeze, I rub an ice cube around my brows to reduce any minor irritation. While I have the ice cube in hand, I apply it to any pimples I have that morning, and I have to say, I’ve had great success with this. Applying an ice cube to my trouble spots reduces the swelling and appearance of acne fast- not to mention it is an extremely easy and inexpensive fix.

And that’s about it! I’m a huge fan of short and to-the-point routines. Fighting acne shouldn’t take all day… at least I don’t think so?

What does your daily skin care routine entail? How do you fight your feisty break outs?