Your phone helps your social life, but it can also help your college life. Must-have iPhone apps for college students.

Not only is your phone useful for your social life, your phone can be a powerful tool throughout your college career for school, work and life. Unfortunately (or fortunately… it depends on how you look at it), there are a lot of apps, and you could spend days sifting through them, trying to find the app most suitable to your needs. Today I have compiled a list of my favorite apps that have made a positive impact in my college career… and now they can have a positive impact on yours too.

1 Second Everyday

I bought this app immediately after watching Chef on Netflix (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend giving it a watch), because I thought the idea was just so sweet. Each day, you record one second of your day of something special, silly, important or sweet that you want to remember forever, and the app combines all of your clips into a video. I love it, because it makes you realize how special the little moments that seem insignificant really are. I would say “oh, I don’t really have anything fun to film today. I’m not doing anything,” but when you combine all of those clips together, you realize that in all of those moments you really were doing something. For me, remembering to film a clip every single day is the hardest, but I’ve been trying to film extra hard this semester since it’s my last one.

Google Drive

I use Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides frequently for not only my classes but for my extra curricular activities and internship. For me, it is vital to have all of my sign-up sheets, group projects and other documents at the ready no matter where I am. Google Drive takes up a small space on your phone but hold so much useful information. If you don’t already use Google Drive for your classes, you should definitely consider it – especially for group work.

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion

I haven’t had tremendous success with Poshmark, but I have had some, so even that makes me think that it’s worth it. If you have any old clothes sitting in the back of your closet, you might as well get a little bit of extra cash back from them. I don’t think places like Plato’s Closet give you nearly what your clothes are worth, but people on Poshmark tend to be quite fair and appreciative of your clothing. Give it a try! The next place I want to try to get rid of my old clothes is Tradesy.


Out of all of the new money savings apps that have come out, I still think Walmart is the best. It just seems fool proof. After shopping, you can scan your Walmart receipt so that Walmart will price match any lower prices from other stores in the area. You are guaranteed the lowest price! The only way you’re not is if you cut manufacturer’s coupons, etc. that the app does not count.


I have to admit, I have been known to download a few too many health and wellness apps, but I really like Fooducate. I use it for one function and one function alone, although it can also be used as a health tracker. I like to use the food finder to scan the barcodes on my packaged foods to see what they are graded and review the detailed report about why they received that grade. Being healthy goes way far beyond just fat and calories. It matter what all those long, unknown ingredients mean and how all of the nutrients compare to one another. Fooducate helps you understand all of those things.

Lose It

Lose It is my other favorite nutrition app. Lose It allows you to track your calories, nutrients and exercise. I have tried other trackers (and there are a million out there), but for whatever reason, I always come back to this one. It is highly user friendly with a clean design and comprehensive layout, so it is definitely my must-have nutrition tacker. My favorite feature is the graph of your fats, carbs and protein for the day. My goal is to always have 45-60% (healthy!) carbs, 20-30% fat (from primarily unsaturated fats) and 10-35% protein.


Pandora is my favorite music listening tool. You get a tremendous amount of variety that just keeps getting more and more tailored to your preferences as you keep listening. You can save your studying playlist, work out playlist and hangout playlist all in one place. You’ll never have to listen to the same songs over and over again anymore.

Couples – Relationship App for Two

Anyone else in a long distance relationship? Ty and I have found using the Couples app over the past two years to be a fun, creative way to communicate aside from texting, calling and Skyping. With the Couples app, you can send doodles, create lists together, share your location, send an “I’m thinking of you” and “finger kiss,” where when your thumbs meet at the same position on your phone screens, your phone vibrates. It sounds silly, but we’ve had a few sweet giggles over it.


I rarely visit LinkedIn unless I am ready to update my profile. I should really be on the website more often than I am. Having the app in hand helps to stay up to date on notifications and connection requests. I figure I will be thankful to have this app and handy notifications when it lands me a job!

Sleep Cycle

Is it too bold of a statement for me to say that this is the smartest app I have ever heard of? I have only just heard of this app and downloaded it, so I am tentatively putting this on my must-have apps list, because the great reviews and technology have me hopeful that it will be just that! This alarm clock app analyzes your sleep using the microphone and accelerometer in your phone to gently wake you up while you are in the lightest cycle of your sleep, making your mornings easier and more enjoyable. I personally already have a good sleeping pattern, so I think that this app could help my mornings be just a little bit brighter. I’m excited to give this app a try and come back to update you all on how I enjoyed it.

 What are your must-have apps? Have you tried any of my favorite apps? Let me know in the comments below!


  • I’ve never heard of 1 Second! It sounds so cool, I think I’ll try it out! And I’m a big fan of poshmark, I’m currently trying to sell a ton of clothes to clear out my closet (username is @emmalucky!). Great post for all college students.

    Emma | Seeking the South

  • Ali Lowery

    I definitely recommend it! It’s so fun, and I’m hoping the final product will be a really great way to keep memories from the year. I found you on Poshmark and am now following :) It looks like you have had some success. I think it definitely helps to have a lot of items uploaded. I’m going to keep working on that!