how to stay healthy while studying for finals

While it is that exciting time of the year to start thinking about Thanksgiving and winter break, baking cookies and testing out new, fun holiday DIYs, it is also time to start getting serious about studying and prepping for finals. Not only is getting good grades during finals week important, but it is also important to stay mentally and physically healthy while spending long hours studying. Luckily, there are tips and tricks that you can follow leading up to and during the week of finals to stay healthy and happy!

Pretend like you’re preparing for the apocalypse Okay, hear me out… I mean, stock up on groceries the week before. I give you permission this one time to bend your weekly food budget in order to relieve some stress and stay healthy the next week (plus, you’re make up for it by not going grocery shopping during finals week). Having those healthy snack available to you when chaos strikes will help you avoid reaching for those unhealthy, last minute meals that are so easy to give into in a moment of stress. Prepping healthy meals will not only relieve stress, but it will also help keep your body fueled and alert. Wondering what you should stock up on? According to A Life of Productivity, blueberries, green tea, avocados, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, water, dark chocolate, flax seeds and nuts are all great brain foods! Check out their article here.

Avoid cramming Not only will this improve your grades, but it will also improve your stress level during finals week. Determine which tests are going to be your hardest, and start reviewing those materials little by little each night. By the time finals week comes around, you’ll feel confident, prepared and stress free!

Increase your productivity Increasing your productivity will minimize the amount of time you have to spend with your nose in your book and trying to memorize those notecards. In return, you’ll have more time to socialize, relax, treat yourself and hit the gym. I wrote a complete post about how you can increase your productivity here (Seriously, be sure to check it out! Soo many more study tips).

Find study buddies Don’t worry if you don’t like to work in groups, you don’t have to. Even if your study group isn’t studying the same subjects, you can fight some of the loneliness and depression that comes along with being shut away in your room studying for finals. Having someone to simply smile at you from across the library table and give you words of encouragement is enough.

Don’t skip your workout Even though cutting your workout may seem like a great way to save time and get in some extra studying, skipping your workout can really hurt you. Not only is it necessary that you take breaks, exercising will help keep your stress level low and endorphin level high. Working out is also said to increase memory and concentration. It’s a win-win, right?

Switch it up After taking a productive break, consider switching topics. This will help you avoid burning out. Break your work into sections and attack them one by one. You can do this!

What are your best tips for how to stay healthy while studying for finals?