First of all, happy Memorial Day to everyone! This Friday I was able to enjoy my first real weekend of summer vacation and decided to head to Galena IL with Ty. Galena has been named Best Weekend Getaway by West Suburban Living and one of America’s Coolest Small Towns by Budget Travel, among many others.

galena, il

I’ve been coming to Galena ever since I was little, but it never gets boring. For being a small town, Galena is full of attractions. The main street is lined with candy shops, boutiques, and local restaurants. On a warm summer weekend, the street is packed with pedestrians going in and out of the store fronts.

galena horses 3

The first thing Ty and I did when we got there was go on a trail ride at The Shenandoah Riding Center. It was Ty’s first time riding a horse, so he picked the little guy on the right. It turns out, he loved our ride! The trail ride takes you through both the open rolling hills and wooded areas of the land. With the ripples of the creek water and birds chirping, it was such a relaxing way to spend the morning.

galena tyler

After lunch at Little Tokyo for sushi, we stopped by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on the hunt for a caramel apple, which I had gotten on our last visit there. We found this big, fluffy guy and just had to take a picture. We both took one, but it turns out Ty is more photogenic than me!

galena apple3Galena

I’m a basic caramel and peanut kind of girl, but the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has caramel apple flavors I’ve never seen anywhere else on top of chocolate covered strawberries, fudge, barks, dipped marshmallows, etc. Ty always gets the cashew bears and loves them! We were able to walk down to the river that runs parallel to Main Street to enjoy the weather and our sweet treats.

galena house

On our way out of town, we stopped by Ulysses S. Grant‘s house. Ty and I were both pretty impressed with the size of his house… And it turns out he had a pretty great view of the downtown area from his front yard.

tyler scenic galena

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to Galena before? I’d love to hear about new places to check out for our next trip back!