This past weekend my mom and I escaped for the weekend to Door County, WI. It was my first time visiting the quaint county on the Wisconsin peninsula, and it was the perfect place to get away and relax. I stayed at Lodgings at Pioneer Lane in Ephraim and had a very pleasant experience there. I would highly recommend it to friends/family – as well as go back myself. Our room fit my and my mom’s style perfectly. It was called The Sea Chest, and with a view of the water from the living room, the nautical theme seemed fitting. I could have lived in that suite forever!

DSC01240editDoor County 5

Ephraim is three short miles from Fish Creek, and we spent the majority of our time dining and shopping in the neighboring town. Fish Creek has so many unique and fun features around town that made me giddy (I’m such a small-town-charm kind of girl!). Right outside of the Blue Horse Beach Café was this little free library, and I wanted so badly to borrow a book but knew I wouldn’t have time to read and return one, so I just had to admire it and snap a picture instead! Maybe next time…

Door County 1 Door County 2

Although the weather acted up every now and then during our weekend, Friday was the perfect weather to spend biking through the Peninsula State Park. We spent hours riding through the park and gladly so. The trail runs along the edges of the water and through all of the trees, gives you great views of the bay. We had to stop and pull over a few times to snap pictures and enjoy the view. It was the first time I’d ever stepped foot on a beach full of shells with tennis shoes on, and it definitely was a funny feeling.


We rode our bikes up to the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in the park, but you can also drive or walk to it. After seeing so many lighthouses on our trip, I bought a lighthouse charm bracelet. On the packaging it wrote, “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own – Ben Sweetland”. It reminded me that not only are lighthouses beautiful pieces of architecture, but they are also a strong symbol of guidance, stability, and hope.

Door County 4 Door County 3DSC01219edit

There is an enormous amount of places to explore in Door County. You could spend your entire trip just trying to eat at all of the local restaurants, and you would never finish. Try to enjoy the shops, the parks, the water, and the entertainment all in one and you might as well stay for months. Door County, we’ll be back!


  • Oh, I love Door County! It’s so beautiful. It feels like the ocean, but isn’t too far away.

  • what a beautiful place to relax for a while! I like the decor of the place and the scenery. :)

  • sounds like such an awesome place and a fun weekend! that little library is adorable- wish they had something like that in my town! x, kenz

  • Ali Lowery

    Exactly! It definitely feels like a complete getaway with a much shorter drive. It’s perfect!

  • Ali Lowery

    It’s such a beautiful, eclectic little county! It’s a must if you’re in the area.

  • Ali Lowery

    I got way to excited about that little library. I just had to run back to the car and grab my camera to snap a picture!