Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Although many product reviews found on this site are for products purchased on my own, some products have been given to Ali in Bloom for the purpose of review via the company or Influenster. When a product has been given to me free of charge, it will be stated directly in the blog post. There are also instances where posts are paid for, these instances will be stated directly in the blog post as well.

All opinions are my own, honest, and uninfluenced opinion.

Affiliate Links

This site occasionally contains affiliate links from Amazon, which means that for certain links that take you to Amazon.com where a product can be purchased/ viewed, Ali in Bloom will receive small compensation for sales made through these links.

With that being said, I only endorse products that I genuinely recommend. I recommend these products whether you buy them from Amazon.com, your local store, or another method.

*Most posts on Ali in Bloom are for no compensation at all; I write them, because blogging is what I love. In order to be as transparent and honest as possible with my readers, however, I have disclosed the preceding information.