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Yesterday I went shopping for a few back to school items that I didn’t need for my freshman year of college, but I thought might come in handy this year, and it really got me thinking about what I brought to school last year, and what I found most useful compared to what was a waste of storage space. I couldn’t be more excited that I’m getting the opportunity to work with Brita®, because even though a water filter was not on my college shopping list last year, it should have been. Here’s how my story goes:

As I was hauling all of my luggage/furniture into my dorm on move-in day, I noticed a drinking fountain on the first floor. Convenient, I thought. Well it wasn’t; that drinking fountain looked clean, but up on the 7th floor where I lived, the drinking fountain looked old and unappealing. With so much chaos going on around me, drinking water was the last thing on my mind, but as things settled down, my newly acquainted roommate and I decided we should get some groceries. There, we bought jugs of water, and we continued to do that for a few weeks, but it made me realize just how much water I drank, and I started to realize that even at $1 a gallon, the price quickly adds up. We stopped buying water jugs, and I started running down to the first floor water fountain every time I wanted to fill my bottle. This worked for a while until I would wake up at 2 am and not want to run all the way downstairs for drinking water.

Here is where I learned the usefulness of a Brita® filter… My suitemate had one, and she was kind enough to share. From then on all we had to do was fill up this pitcher of water in our bathroom sink, it cleaned out all of the impurities, and the water tasted great. As a result I was drinking more water, because it was always at my disposal, we were able to drink fun, flavored water by adding Crystal Light flavor packets in it, we were saving money by not having to buy water jugs, and not to mention the fact that we were subsequently helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. It was our perfect solution. Even if you’re not looking to share, Brita® has individual water bottles, and for those upperclassmen in apartments, they have filters for your faucet! They’re even easy to buy… Brita® products are available at Target!

A water filter isn’t the only thing I should have put on my packing list. Some other things that I never thought to bring to school but definitely found useful were an iron, ironing board, sewing kit, mattress pad, pictures and posters to create that homey vibe, postage stamps, extension cord, and batteries.

Happy back-to-school shopping,

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