I’ve raved about Covergirl’s foundation before back when I posted about Covergirl Clean liquid foundation for sensitive skin here. Up until a week ago, I was still using this product. It wasn’t until I ran out of makeup and found the shelves of Walmart virtually empty of my usual foundation that I stumbled upon another exceptional Covergirl product.

Winter is always a rough season for my skin. I have a natural red tone to my skin on a good day, but during the winter, it’s x100. I spend so much time trying to cover my rosy nose and cheeks in foundation and lather my face in dermatologist-grade facial moisturizer, and regardless, it always manages to peek through.


It was for this reason that I was drawn to CG Smoothers, which moisturizes the skin with what the Covergirl website claims to be “AquaCurrent Science”.  It works. This product is going to be a winter time staple for me.

Covergirl Clean is great for those warm summer months when all you need is a light coverage to perfect your glowing, tan skin. CG Smoothers, on the other hand, has proven to moisturize my face during these brisk, tough-skin months. Not only does CG Smoothers have enough coverage (more than the Clean line) to mask my redness, but my redness has actually reduced since using it. That’s how I know it works.

My biggest concern when buying this product, was that it wasn’t geared toward sensitive skin, and the last thing I wanted from a foundation was for it to make me break out, but it has done a great job with keeping my skin clear. I actually think with the healthiness of my moisturized skin, my acne has gone down. It has a great lightweight feel to it, so I don’t feel like my pores are being caked over, and the moisturizing effect doesn’t make my skin oily (which was another concern). This is a must have… Like alway, Covergirl delivers a quality product at a highly affordable price. I’m a happy girl this winter.