So it’s official, February 26th has come and gone. I’m a day older than I was yesterday. A year older than I was last February 26th.┬áBasically, what I’m getting at is that I feel the same way that I alway have. I mean, what did I really expect?
Nonetheless, my birthday was a great one. It was full of classes and homework but also laughs and great memories.
I came home from class to a dorm room full of balloons and a bed full of cookies and chocolate… courtesy of my amazing suite-mate, Sam! My mailbox was stuffed full of ‘happy birthdays’ and packages from family. I told my mom, “The only thing I want for my birthday is an Edible Arrangement”, and guess what I got? An Edible Arrangement… Then later that night, Sam, Brother, and I enjoyed an early dinner at Destihl. The perfect ending to my birthday…
So yes, I would have loved to maintain my birthday tradition of going to Florida with my mom to celebrate the day with Papa and Jacki, but I couldn’t do that, so this was the next best thing.
^^ I seriously couldn’t ask for better friends… I had my apprehensions about how my first birthday away from family was going to go, but in the end, everything fell into place. It always does :)
^^ Don’t you just want to devour this? I’m sad to say that there isn’t nearly enough left of it as there should be. I wanted to eat it while it was fresh! That’s the excuse that I’m sticking with anyway…
It’s days like these when I realize that I’m surrounded by dozens of amazing people that I should be thankful for everyday. So a shout out to anyone and everyone who made my day something to remember… especially my mother, who was hundreds of miles away on the beach, and she still managed to make me feel so special and loved. I’m infinitely grateful to be so blessed.