My First Plum Paper Planner & Life Lately

Call me crazy but I love buying anything organization related (files, planners, folders, drawers, etc), so the beginning of the year is such a fun time for me. Last year I wrote a post about my planner from May Designs, and I loved the customized cover (they have a new watercolor collection that you’ll want to drool over) and the feel of the cover paper, but as the year went on, and I removed and replaced the book from my backpack multiple times a day, the design started to wear off, which resulted in splotchy white spots. I decided that at this point in my life, I am just too rough on my planner to use such a delicate one, so this year I was on the search for my perfect planner again.

Through browsing on Etsy, I found Plum Paper. Initially, I was turned off by the 30 dollar price tag and 10 dollar shipping, but as I searched more, I realized what a great option it really was, so I revisited it again and again until I finally decided to purchase. One of the best things about Plum Paper is that you are able to customize the pages. You have four options:

1. Days divided by morning, afternoon, and evening
2. Days separated by 30 minute increments
3. Days with blank lines
4. No weekly spreads

I chose the days divided every 30 minutes option, and I am extremely pleased with it. When I have a lot of classes/ meetings that I have to remember, I have a nice system to write them all out, and on easier days where I just have a lot to do, I can also just fill in the times with my to-do list!

The other big feature that intrigued me about Plum Paper is that they have a sturdy wire coil and a strong plastic cover to protect the decorative front. Thanks to these key features, my notebook still looks brand new!

As for what’s inside the planner, I’ve been spending these first few weeks of school busier than ever. I endured work week and sorority recruitment as well as the new addition of homework in my life. For excitement, I joined The Daily Illini and Her Campus Illinois as a copy editor! I think it’s going to be a good year.

How do you stay organized? What planner do you use?

An Anniversary Present {for Him or Her}

anniversary present

I’m normally not a very crafty person… only because I never seem to have time to fit it in my schedule, but for Ty and I’s 6 month anniversary last month, I decided to step up my game a little (it only took two months to finish). I knew that I wanted to do something sentimental, and I had already done the Pinterest famous “52 Reasons Why I Love You” deck of cards for my mom on mother’s day, so I didn’t want to repeat that again. Instead, I went to Michael’s craft store, bought one of their unfinished wooden boxes, found some old paint in my basement, and a few of my favorite love quotes…

I painted the box myself and began to just write all over it. The one thing that comforted me in this whole project was that I knew it didn’t have to be perfect; he would appreciate it regardless. I just had fun with, and I made it my own. After making the box, I started printing out square shaped pictures of the two of us that we had collected over the past months (we take a lot of pictures together). On the back of these, I glued construction paper, added some stickers, and I wrote all of the reason why I love him, and guess what? He loved it.

Sentimental gifts are always a great idea whether you are trying to stick to a budget or have all of the money in the world. Tyler was able to take his box with him when we went our separate ways for school, and he reads it whenever he needs to. Even if you’re not in a long distance relationship, a box like this is nice to read when you’re having a bad day or your relationship has hit a few rough spots.

Want to do more? I thought about adding a few movie ticket stubs, train tickets, and other little trinkets that I’ve kept from our time together, but I decided my box wasn’t big enough. Just a thought for an even more personalized gift! Or you can purchase an additional gift! I bought Tyler the Polo Blue cologne to go along with it.

GIVEAWAY: HerringboneHearts w/ Bloggers Off-Line

I’m sure by now, most of my loyal readers have heard of Bloggers Off-Line, but for those of you that haven’t, Bloggers Off-Line is a fun way to make other blogger friends through snail mail! It’s as simple as this: you sign up by filling out a short questionnaire, I review your answers, pair you with someone similar in age or with similar interests, and you start receiving fun letters/care packages/ notes from one another!

So far it has been a success! And as a reward for all of the lovely bloggers participating and as a way to spread the word to everyone else who may be interested, HerringboneHearts and I have paired up to give away a personalized stationery set of six flat note cards and lined envelops in navy, blossom, and mint based off of this set!

I was so excited to receive my very own stationery set in the mail. Amy from HerringboneHearts makes beautiful, preppy handcrafted cards. I may not know that much about the art or be a skilled crafter, but it’s easy to recognize the quality and care put into the cards/envelops. I can’t wait to send these to my own pen pal! Want some for yourself? Enter the giveaway below from August 18th until August 24th at midnight for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to order your own set? Check out my other favorite here

A special thanks to Amy at HerringboneHearts for making this all possible and supplying these beautiful cards! Happy writing.

A Day in the Windy City

Throughout the school year when we were anxiously awaking the time when we could be together for three whole months (we go to school an hour and a half apart), Ty and I made a list of fun things to do together! One of them being Chicago. With the end of summer quickly approaching, we kicked it into high gear to finish everything we wanted to do, but being scheduled to work 11-4 for seven days straight didn’t give us much time to do anything.
Lucky for me, however, a co-worker of mine was in the search of some more hours… and I had plenty to give, so Tyler and I were able to go anyway! Below are a few pictures from our trip taken off my iPhone. Even though I should get over not wanting to lug around my big camera that takes beautiful pictures, my iPhone really did impress me on this trip. Two thumbs up apple!
^^ This was both Ty and I’s first time at Grant Park. I didn’t even know it existed before yesterday!
Grant Park was nice because:
-there were far less people there than the other “touristy” attractions
-it was something different than the usual stops we make in Chicago
-it’s a great photo opp!  See below vv
^^ I think this is my absolute favorite photo from the trip
Chicago is a beautiful city; I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my day off. Days like this remind me how important it is to not let work overwhelm your life. Even when you think you can’t do it, there is always time to relax, have fun, and spend time with the people you love.