Motivate, Collaborate, Stick Together

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College is hard. That's why it's important to surround yourself with positive people that can motivate, collaborate and stick together. Learn how. - Ali in Bloom

College is a really pivotal, developmental period in everyones’ lives, and you’re constantly surrounded by new people. Whether you realize it or not, the tribe you run with can greatly impact how your college years turn out. I’ve seen a number of students fail in their college careers because they chose to surround themselves with the wrong group of people and were negatively impacted.

Why Students Fail Out of College: A Personal Story

Why students fail college: a personal story - Ali in Bloom

Why students fail college: In my opinion, if you don’t know who you are or what you want, there’s no way you can succeed in your endeavors. Many people drop out of college due to financial situations and unexpected life events. However, a large portion of students drop out simply because they aren’t prepared for college. I know I wasn’t at 18.

Here’s the thing, schooling looks very different for each of us. If you are dedicated to receiving your education, it’s worth taking some extra time to think it over. That might mean going to school right after high school or it might not. There’s no “cookie cutter” way to earn a degree. Here is what you need to know before you sign up for classes.

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College Four Year Plan

College Four Year Plan

If it’s about organizing or planning, you have to know I’m there! I wouldn’t be where I am today without some thought-out plans and strategic organizing. When people ask me how I graduated from college early, they normally start out by asking if I took a lot of AP credits in high school. The answer is no! I took two AP classes in high school. That’s all.

Did I work some over time to graduate early? Yes. But more than anything, I planned like crazy. I was beyond intentional with every course that I chose. I’m not here to try to preach about the pros and cons of graduating early (although these organization tips can definitely be applied to help you achieve that goal!). Today I’m sharing the college planning tools that I used throughout college to choose the best schedule possible. Regardless of whether you’re graduating in three, four or five years, planning out your time in college will make the ride a little smoother.

Also, make sure to stick around until the end! I have an extra helpful goody for you all!

How to Make Friends in a New City

Make Friends in a New City QUICKLY! My tried and true tips and tricks to making connections after a big move.

I made the big announcement in my last post that I moved to a new city! It has been the biggest, greatest adventure. Making friends was the one and only thing I was nervous about when moving out of state to a city where I knew absolutely no one.

I worried that I would have no way to meet people. I worried that people wouldn’t be friendly and eager to form a new friendship.

Let me just say this: I was so, so wrong.

I have been in my new city for less than a month, and I have already developed friendships. Obviously I haven’t made a “best” friend. How could I in a month?! What I have done is create connections around the city and developed friendships that I know will blossom into even more serious friendships.

Honestly, making friends in a new city by myself has been way easier than I anticipated.

If you’re moving to a new city, making new friends can be easy for you as well. I’m not special! I didn’t do anything crazy or unique. If you’re preparing to move and are worried, don’t be. If you’re thinking about moving to a new place but are hesitant because you don’t know anyone, don’t be!

You can make friends in a new city.