Bowtique by Jacqueline is an Etsy shop run by Jacqueline over at Pretti Please. On her blog, she writes about fashion, beauty, crafts, and decor. On Etsy, she sells no-crease hair ties, hair bows, canvases, monogrammed jewelry trays, and my favorite: decals.
Jacqueline and I met through the Her Campus Blogger Network, and I was ecstatic to be able to recieve one of her Fancy Bow Decals! I opted to use mine on my MacBook; I was very tempted by the idea of decorating a mason jar with it, but I loved it so much that I didn’t want to use it on a notebook, cup, or folder where I wouldn’t keep it as long. I’ll have my computer for a long time to come! And my decal too :) I’ve officially had my sticker on for a few days, and I can assure you, it isn’t going anywhere! It was so easy to apply, and I didn’t get any of those annoying air bubbles… If you follow Jacqueline’s mailed instructions, I can’t see this bow falling off anytime! Maybe I should have stuck it on my car? No way it could out last that! Check out my Fancy Bow below vv
Pink is my favorite color, so this was an obvious choice for me, but if pink just doesn’t tickle your fancy, Bowtique offers this same bow in ten different colors: lilac, turquoise, pink, light pink, black, white, glitter pink, glitter blue, glitter gold, and glitter silver.
And if you liked the Fancy Bow Decal, you might also like the Monogrammed Fancy Bow
I love my computer now! After adding the bow decal, it feels so much more personalized, and it really brings out my style. On top of it all, there really isn’t much that you can decorate for only $3.50. The prices are so fair that these would make excellent party favors for all of the girls. The possibilities are endless…
I, for one, will be visiting Jacqueline’s shop again. I can’t get enough of these girly decals.
They’re right up my alley!
Happy Shopping!
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