Kelly Smith


Meditation for Anxiety (Plus, a Free Guided Meditation Audio!)

Worry. Nervousness. Stress. The feeling that something is coming. Meditation for anxiety is here to help.

We’ve all been there. That sense of worry, nervousness, stress and the feeling that something is coming… but sometimes that small sense turns into something bigger: full-blown clinical anxiety, and it can eat away at you. Recent studies show that 41.6 percent of college students struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, and that number seems to only be growing. (1) I too have had my own struggles with anxiety throughout college and into my adult life. With years of experience working with private yoga clients and students, I have seen many people come to me for help with their anxiety. So, how do I help them and how do I keep my anxiety at bay? One word. Meditation.

Kelly Smith is the founder of the online yoga movement and meditation studio Yoga For You and the host of the Mindful in Minutes podcast. Kelly is a yoga and meditation teacher, yoga teacher master class provider and trainer, online influencer and founder of the Yoga For You method and student-center form of yoga and meditation that strives to help bring ancient philosophy and practice to a modern life. For more information on Kelly or any of her work visit