anniversary present

I’m normally not a very crafty person… only because I never seem to have time to fit it in my schedule, but for Ty and I’s 6 month anniversary last month, I decided to step up my game a little (it only took two months to finish). I knew that I wanted to do something sentimental, and I had already done the Pinterest famous “52 Reasons Why I Love You” deck of cards for my mom on mother’s day, so I didn’t want to repeat that again. Instead, I went to Michael’s craft store, bought one of their unfinished wooden boxes, found some old paint in my basement, and a few of my favorite love quotes…

I painted the box myself and began to just write all over it. The one thing that comforted me in this whole project was that I knew it didn’t have to be perfect; he would appreciate it regardless. I just had fun with, and I made it my own. After making the box, I started printing out square shaped pictures of the two of us that we had collected over the past months (we take a lot of pictures together). On the back of these, I glued construction paper, added some stickers, and I wrote all of the reason why I love him, and guess what? He loved it.

Sentimental gifts are always a great idea whether you are trying to stick to a budget or have all of the money in the world. Tyler was able to take his box with him when we went our separate ways for school, and he reads it whenever he needs to. Even if you’re not in a long distance relationship, a box like this is nice to read when you’re having a bad day or your relationship has hit a few rough spots.

Want to do more? I thought about adding a few movie ticket stubs, train tickets, and other little trinkets that I’ve kept from our time together, but I decided my box wasn’t big enough. Just a thought for an even more personalized gift! Or you can purchase an additional gift! I bought Tyler the Polo Blue cologne to go along with it.