It had become obvious to me in the last few months that my mascara was causing havoc on my eyes and things needed to change. The culprit: my waterproof mascara... 5 Reasons Not to Wear Waterproof Mascara

Just last week I threw away my bottle of Maybelline New York’s Waterproof Lash Stiletto Mascara and traded up for the non-waterproof variation. It had become obvious to me in the last few months that my mascara was causing havoc on my eyes and things needed to change. The culprit: my waterproof mascara. After wearing waterproof mascara every day since I first started playing with makeup, I won’t ever go back. 5 reasons why I won’t wear waterproof mascara:

Waterproof mascara dries up quickly.

Have you ever thought that your mascara doesn’t last long? Clumps before you can finish? Chances are likely it’s because it’s waterproof. Try the non water resistant variation and see what happens… it might just last longer.

Waterproof mascara was ruining my contacts.

Because of its chemical makeup, waterproof mascara will not dissolve if it comes in contact with your eyes. This means that it also won’t easily come off of your contacts. This isn’t true with regular mascara. You won’t have to scrub and scrub at your contact. Blink a few times instead, and it should do the trick. No more throwing away contacts because of your mascara!

It was giving me wrinkles.

It’s no doubt that the around-the-eye area is a soft and sensitive one. It’s also one of the first areas that begins to wrinkle as we age. That means we should be treating our eye area delicately- something that just isn’t possible when you have to rub so intensely just to remove your makeup.

Waterproof mascara was breaking my eyelashes. 

Although both non water resistant and water resistant mascara dry out your eyelashes, it has been said that waterproof mascara will dry them out more severely. This can cause your eyelash to become brittle, split and break.

Waterproof mascara was causing my eyelashes to fall out.

With the harsh scrubbing and inevitable tugging on my poor eyelashes, they were not only breaking, but they were falling out, leaving me with the occasional gaps between my lashes. Even after scrubbing and scrubbing, all of the residue was not gone, so when I went to curl my eyelashes in the morning, the gunk left over would adhere my lashes to the metal of my eyelash curler, and they would stay there, causing even more lash fatalities along with the ones I lost just trying to remove my makeup the night before. My mascara was having the opposite effect than desired. The harmful consequences of waterproof mascara were leaving my eyelashes looking less full and plump than ever.

No more waterproof mascara for me, that’s for sure. Since switching to non-waterproof mascara, my eyelashes are looking fuller, longer and much healthier with and without mascara on. I’ll never switch back!

Do you wear waterproof mascara daily?


  • I started using waterproof mascara earlier this year so that my eyelashes would hold a curl better, but then I kept having the same problems with not being able to wash it off and losing eyelashes. I don’t understand how everyone recommends waterproof mascara! I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels this way!